Here is my new dog, Betsy. Or Ms. Betsy Pudding. She was once Susie Q. but we changed that when we adopted her.

In her old life she was a breeder at a puppy mill. Now she is happy and loved and named. I hate puppy mills. I hate stores that sell dogs from puppy mills. And I hate that people buy dogs from stores that get dogs from puppy mills. Betsy spent six years of her life making babies that would be taken from her and sold for many hundreds of dollars. I’m glad she doesn’t have that life anymore. I’m glad she is ours.

She’s weird. She’ll sit next to you and turn and stare at you until you show her some love. She rarely licks, but she’ll give a kiss when she’s really happy. When I pull in the driveway I see her watching for us in the window. I wonder if she spends hours looking out that window watching for our return. She’s weird, but I like weird. She feels like our dog.

One thought on “Finally

  1. Daner says:

    Hi Betsy! You have chosen a good home…

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