Quick Advice from me to you

Here are some things you should not do if you consider yourself a sane, personable, respectful and polite human.

1. Grab food off someone else’s plate. Personally, I think unless you are in a comfortable committed relationship or that person has offered you some of their food or you are under the age of 8, you should just assume that person’s meal is off limits to you.

2. Talk on the cell phone while you are in a public restroom.

3. Not obey the line. If you are in line, be in line. Do not assume standing directly next to me is being in line because you are making me seriously uncomfortable and giving me anxiety that you will try to butt in front of me.

4. Not let me change lanes when I am signaling the intent to. Wouldn’t you want me to do the same for you?

5. Not reciprocate. If I do you a few big favors, the least you can do is offer me one.

6. Never allow me to pick. You can’t always pick the movie, the event, the restaurant. It isn’t fair.

And by “me”, of course I mean the universal “you”. Thank you for listening.

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