Dulcie goes to public school. I like her school. I think it is the right place for her. But I must say, I dream of that really awesome alternative, progressive, smarty-pants, arty, visionary private school for her. I couldn’t send her to one at this point. We don’t have those kind of discretionary funds, but included in that list of The Things I Would Do if I Had the Money (like build an eco-friendly house and travel more often and try more fancy restaurants and get those chairs from Restoration Hardware) is sending the kid to a school where she can get that kind of extraordinary educational experience that most public schools (with some exceptions of course) can’t or won’t provide. I don’t want to dis public schools. I think most of them try their best and I truly believe in public education, I just think they become so limited by rules and regulations and No Child Left Behind and standardized tests and fear and money and and and.

Is it wrong to want my child to go to a school where besides learning multiplication tables she learns to bake bread and garden and shares ideas about culture and the world?


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