a weekend, gone

It was/is Labor Day weekend. We left town for the old hometown. We went from hot to cool. We played miniature golf in the rich suburbs of Chicago and ate well at an Asian chain restaurant. We saw an owl. I think we saw an owl. It was so dark. But aren’t they neat to see? Like gifts from nature. Of course when it took flight I went into protect the dog mode as if some owl could haul Betsy away. Betsy, my roly poly beagle.

It was a long weekend and we were away so I’m trying to be ok with not accomplishing much. With letting the house be a mess a little while longer and not having gotten much more than one load of laundry done. The to do list remains undone. It will be a busy week but the weekend will come fast. Spending time lamenting undone things is wasting time that would be better spent enjoying oneself in one’s short life. We Americans, we feel so guilty for enjoying ourselves.


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