2012: a list of small things I’d like to accomplish

Find a reason to make punch. People should have more punch in their lives.

Walk more. Walk more places.

Go sledding with the kid. Needed: snow

Try a new salad. Make it myself.

Read a book a week.

See The Notebook. I’m tired of hearing about it and how it turns every woman into a Ryan Gosling fanatic. I need to see it for myself. Even though it is probably overwrought and goofy.

Buy a bicycle. With a basket. Take some bike rides with the family.

Go on at least one decent hike.

Have a picnic.

Take Dulcie to the Field Museum in Chicago.

Buy a house. A house I love.

Spend Christmas in my new house.

Visit Lake Geneva, WI in the summertime.

Write a short story.

Make own veggie burgers.

Kiss more.

Dance more.

Enjoy more soups.


One thought on “2012: a list of small things I’d like to accomplish

  1. I love your goals, Allison. They’re so, well, . . . ambitious. Hiking sounds fun. So does biking and picnicking. The Notebook? I’m guessing you could get through 2012 quite delightfully without watching it. x

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