stuck in a rut

It could very well be pms, but these past few days I’ve been feeling extra angsty and frustrated. I think I know what it is. I have things to do, things I want to be accomplishing, and yet I feel like I can’t move forward until I get something big out of the way. The big thing is buying a house.

I’m ready. After renting for nearly four years I’m ready. After not being able to paint a wall or make any major decisions about the look and feel of a place I’m ready. I want my own house and I want it to be perfectly Alison (or Alison and Mark and Dulcie, rather).

We did find a pretty perfect house, but it was in the wrong neighborhood and we ultimately couldn’t make that sacrifice.

I know I should be patient. It is still February after all, not yet Spring. But I need to be feeling like I’m moving forward and if I can’t move forward on this thing–this very major thing–then I feel stuck on everything else. Like writing, and career development, and even reading. House, I need you. Do you understand?


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