It’s OK to go to the farmer’s market

Are you like me? Have you wasted way too much energy thinking you should be someone you know deep down you are never going to be?

Someone who has the endless energy to knit, sew, create fantastic and creative projects for their kids, learn to play an instrument, start a club, cook amazing meals, blah blah blah.

Someone who gardens. That person who actually grows vegetables and then eats the vegetables they grow!

I would like to be that person. I’m never going to be that person.

For several reasons, really. 1. I don’t do well with plants. Every plant I have owned has died a sad, tragic death. 2. I don’t have the patience. If you tell me I have to figure out what kind of soil I have in my background I’m going to immediately feel in need of a nap. 3. I don’t like bugs. I don’t want to deal with bugs and worry about bugs and touch bugs and know that bugs have been crawling all over my food. 4. I am not good at finishing projects that I start and will likely end up with a messy pile of dirt. 5. I am cursed. My vegetables would probably not grow, even if I did everything right.

So, no garden for me. And I’m OK with that. I’m OK with being the person that goes to the farmer’s market and gets other people’s homegrown veggies. Someone has to be that person, right?

I wasn’t always OK with this. I wanted to be the other kind of person. The person that sits and knits by the fire place and knows too many facts about tea and makes adorable dresses for my daughter and feels all in touch with the earth and stuff. So in touch that I can make my own food!

We all have our things. Some have more things than others. Some have too many things. Some of us have just a few things. Let’s be OK with that, shall we? Let’s not feel bad anymore that we aren’t the lead singers of a rock band and no one asks for our autograph. Let’s be OK with not having made our own scarf and hat ensemble as well as the abstract painting over the fireplace.

I can feel good that I gave someone a compliment today. I made them feel good. I can feel good that I didn’t blow my money on eating out for lunch. I’m good that tomorrow I’ll go to the Farmer’s Market and get locally grown asparagus that I had nothing to do with raising. And those people that did grow it? They’ll be happy to have someone buy it.

I will admire others for their talents and be good with my own. Whatever they may be.

2 thoughts on “It’s OK to go to the farmer’s market

  1. Eiko says:

    This is such a lovely piece of writing, both in tone and sentiment…I read it 10 minutes ago and am still weepy.

    I stumbled across your blog today by following a comment you posted on Nathan Bransford\’s site — I rarely click on author links but I must have somehow known I needed to read this.

    You have a unique and beautiful voice, and I just thought I should tell you so. Thank you for this.

    • teacasey says:

      Thank you, Eiko! It is nice of you to say. I appreciate your words more than you can know. –Alison

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