Saturday Night

She likes to eat dry cereal (with a glass of soy milk on the side) and watch Pokemon movies. Sometimes at the same time she’ll play a game on the iPad and work on some sort of list that makes no sense to me (words with numbers next to them). She likes to make lists just like her dad. She’s like him in other ways, too. They make the same expression when they are concentrating and they have a thing for sequences and systems. 

I’m wrapping presents, eating cereal (with the soy milk in it) and listening to one of my Pandora stations. Dinosaur Jr. sings, “I feel the pain of everyone. And sometimes I feel nothing.” I know how it is. 

My chubby beagle looks at me from the couch, her chin resting on arm. She wants to be with me always. Her love is infinite. 

Dulcie got a ukelele for her birthday in August. I wish she and her dad would learn to play it already. It would be nice to hear some Ukelele around here. 


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