Memories of Meals

Before I gave up red meat at 12 (and later all meat at 17), our family ate  a lot of —

Pot Roast (meat, potatoes, carrots)

Steak (which my sister and I dipped in Western dressing. This was originally her tasty idea. Do they make Western dressing anymore?)

Turkey Tetrazzini

Something comprised of toast, melted cheese, ham, asparagus, and yes, Western dressing. This was a favorite.

Pork chops.


I also often strongly encouraged having breakfast for dinner. French Toast was a favorite.

These are the meals my daughter will have memories of (because she only likes about 8 things)–

Fake chicken burgers with a fake chicken patty, ketchup, and a white bun

Egg “tacos” –a white flour tortilla, scrambled egg, and fake bacon

Annie’s Mac and Cheese box dinner with the cheese packet (although she now says she is sick of this)

Spaghetti with marinara

Noodles in butter with parmesan cheese

Fake meat corn dogs

Cheese Pizza

Seasoned tofu and sticky rice (mostly eaten at her best friend’s house. Her best friend’s mother is Thai and she’s a wonderful cook and makes perfect sticky rice).

She will sometimes eat broccoli. She’ll eat carrots if she can dip them in ranch dressing. Cucumbers too. But salad is pretty much against her religion.




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