Turtlenecks and Black Holes

Happy Belated Birthday to Carl Sagan. His birthday was yesterday (11/9). He wore a lot of turtlenecks (way before Steve Jobs did) and he was smart and cool and full of good stuff to share with the world. I’m learning more about the universe in my old age, but it is true that the more you learn the more you realize how little you know. I know so little. I understand so very little. Physics is amazing and it is also, often, so far above my head. I admire the men and women who help inform our understanding of the world by dedicating themselves to understanding its ingredients. I envy their brain power. I’m still baffled by atoms. And gravity. And black holes. But, damn, it’s cool stuff. Weird and bizarre and freaky and cool.

The other day my daughter brought up the idea of the universe being infinite and what that means. And she said “but if it were to end, what would be there?” And, too, “what does it mean to be infinite?” I wonder the same thing every day, kid.


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