Some Things That Are Good

It’s easy to get down. You know I’m right. Look at the news. Read the comments. Humanity is full of ugliness, cruelty. The world is full of injustice, harm, hatred. You are waiting for that amazing thing to happen. It is not happening. It’s hard–so, so hard–to stop eating sweets. You really love your sweets. Also, winter is here. Wearing scarves is fun, but it can be so cold and no one likes to have to scrape the windshield at 7:30 in the morning. You know it’s easy to get down and be disappointed.

But here we are. We are in this life. For now, anyway. We’ve got to keep going and figure it out and do things. We’ve got to take care of our kids, our pets, ourselves. We’ve got to get the bills paid and do the laundry. We’ve got to remember to take our vitamins and antidepressants.

So let’s take a moment to reflect on some good things. Isn’t life wonderful? kinds of things. There are really so many.

Like Peanuts. Charlie Brown! That beautiful, melancholy Christmas special.

And Jon Stewart and John Oliver and Rachel Maddow. They get it! They understand! And that make you laugh. Belly laughs, sometimes.

How about donuts? Aren’t they (mostly) just so delicious? You gotta go to the right place, get the right one, but when you find that perfect cream filled long john, oh man.

Staying at a nice hotel. Taking a long shower. Exploring a city and then getting cozy in a comfy bed, a new skyline in view out your window.

The library is an awesome place. It is full of books! You love books. And you can check them out and read them for free! You can also skim magazines, rent movies, and even borrow some cool art! I love the library. Iowa City has a great library.

Sitting on the vent when the heat is on. Such a nice thing to do in winter.

Curling up on the couch, bowl of cereal, great television on. It’s an evening and it’s good.

Clean sheets on the bed.

People saying hi to you when you walk down the street.

The whimsical way someone has decorated their house.

A Tweedy song on the radio.

The gentle snores of your old cat.

A giant cup of Earl Grey tea.

Being a grown up and having your parents cook you dinner when you visit.

Nick on The New Girl. He’s my favorite of all things lately. Nick makes life better.

The kid laughing to herself as she plays Minecraft.

A full moon appearing bright and low in the sky.

Fresh, warm bagels.

People who get it.

Good hair days.

A favorited tweet.

Knowing all the words to songs from the musical HAIR.

Remembering that you are on a giant ball floating in space along with other giant balls and what does it all mean? and isn’t it crazy? and wow, just wow.


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