OH WINTER! Or oh, winter.

Oh Winter! You bring us cozy nights and reasons for hot chocolate with marshmallows and Christmas lights and dreamy showers of snow.

Oh, winter. Because it is so much easier to nap than it is to do all those other things. Because my skin is dry, my scalp is itchy, and I have even less motivation to exercise than usual. It is cold. It is forever and ever cold. And I’m running late and now I have to spend 5 minutes scraping the windshield.

Oh Winter! Snow angels and sledding and carols on the radio. Fires in the fireplace and your mom making some warm drink with alcohol and Christmas shopping and getting out the thick socks and slippers. Curling up on the couch. Pumpkin pie. Nothing like a blizzard to make you feel safe and warm inside. Just don’t go out driving in it.


One thought on “OH WINTER! Or oh, winter.

  1. mkromd says:

    Hi, I loved your Hooray for Heifer post on Nathan’s blog and wanted to keep the momentum going, since my blog is also participating. I hope your visit http://howdidmykarmaranovermydogma.blogspot.com to keep the good tidings going. Merry holidays and happy Christmas.

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