In my childhood—

There were periods of time I hated clothes, jeans, pizza, and hugs.

My sister had a serious obsession with that movie Somewhere in Time.

It seemed like all my friends had their first kisses done with by junior high. Not me.

At one time or another these things were all the rage: Coco-Cola clothes, Neon, french braids, perms, Stixx, mullets, parachute pants, roller skating on Friday nights, friendship pins on shoelaces, friendship bracelets, cruising the town’s main road, hanging out in the Pizza Hut parking lot, Guess, Esprit, malls, E.T. t-shirts, metal lunch boxes, wearing saddle shoes and poodle skirts (a comeback!), jelly shoes, Woolworths, break dancing, movies about break dancing

I went to a fine arts camp for ballet. I was really not that good at ballet. It was obvious. One of the girl’s in my cabin asked if anyone had “popped my cherry”. Another girl lived most of her life as an American in South Korea and was a prodigy at some band instrument. We all stayed up late talking about boys, AIDS, hating our bodies, liking our bodies, divorcing parents, and other 12 year old girl topics of interest in the 1980s. I still had blonde hair.

My sister cried hysterically at the end of King Kong.

We saw a good number of films at the local drive in. We also had a yellow van with a shag carpet.

I thought our house was haunted. We lived adjacent to a cemetery. The house was really old. There were noises.

I loved to dance and took dance lessons but I never worked very hard at it. Regrets.

I thought for sure I would be a famous actress someday.

Our small town had a record store where I bought the Annie Soundtrack with my allowance along with actual 45s, and stood in line to get a autograph from Weird Al Yankovic when he was in town to perform.

I participated in numerous (and often bad) community theater productions directed by a man I’m certain is a sociopath (or close). While in high school we most certainly put on the worst production of GREASE there ever was (and will be). I was only in the chorus. Sandy and Danny were played by people in their late 20s/early 30s. The rest of the cast was 14-16. The director was known to hit on his young, male leads and berate and humiliate the kids in the casts.


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