Let’s Talk about Serial

I listened to every episode of Serial only once. I am not religious about the Reddit posts, but I visit and skim some. I do read Rabia’s blog, though. I have listened to some of the Slate podcasts and some of the A.V. podcasts. And I have read pretty much every article I have come across. And the Jay interviews, of course.

I do not think Adnan should have been convicted. There was no hard evidence. The evidence presented wasn’t trustworthy. The system failed here. I don’t care how thoughtful the jury might have been; they took one person’s word over another and that person wasn’t a trustworthy witness.

I also believe Adnan is innocent.

The story Jay gives makes no sense to me. I can’t see why Adnan would need Jay to help with anything, if Adnan were the killer. He would just be opening a door to being found out.

Jay’s many stories have too many holes and too many random inconstancies.

Adnan’s character holds up. I could go into detail here but there is too much to say. The stealing as a 12-year-old doesn’t trouble me (at that age many of my peers stole). I heard nothing troubling in all accounts given. Many people said he was a nice guy. A thoughtful and helpful and kind guy who often went out of his way to help others and who was genuinely interested in his friends. Sociopaths aren’t helpful (unless it provides some pay off for them). They can be charming and friendly, but only to a point. For a sociopath, all things are about their own needs and wants. Nor was he abusive. Nor was he violent. Nor was he angry.

Of course I might be wrong. And I’ll accept that with humility if proven so.

But the bottom line for me is, there is nothing absolute to say he is guilty and yet he sits in prison and that’s a tragedy.


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