imaginary pets

I like to go online to the sites of various local or local-ish websites (or Petfinder or animal shelters in cities I don’t really live near, like Chicago) and pick out the animals I would likely adopt if I were to be planning to adopt another pet. We have a dog and a cat and probably shouldn’t be getting any new pets any time soon, despite my daughter’s obsession with having a lizard. I mean, I’m not opposed to having more pets, but my dog and cat are already demanding of my attention and my dog is already way jealous of my cat. And my cat is old and she doesn’t need any more upsets in her life. Plus, you know, I’d like to visit Japan someday soon and I’d feel guilty about boarding all the pets AND it would be expensive. The list–it goes on.

But in that parallel universe I have some awesome pets. Cats with faces of character. Dogs with big, wounded hearts. They just want to snuggle and be your forever buddy!

There are a lot of needy, lovable stinkers out there. I hate to think of them with all their yearning while someone instead heads to the breeder for their designer puppy.

Just look.

I mean. 


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