being cultured

I’ve told my daughter we are going to memorize a poem. Seems like a good thing to do. I like the idea of knowing a poem by heart. I’ve chosen William Butler Yeats first sonnet to Helen which apparently is also known as When You are Old. Mostly because I like the line, But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you. Because Pilgrim Soul!

We are also watching all the seasons of Gilmore Girls and laughing a lot about Kirk. This is culture, too.

And she is still obsessed with drawing dragons. Right now she has many pieces under a dancing dragons series. In color! With markers. Orange and green. Orange is always nice.

Today was full of snow. I did some shoveling. It was mostly pre-shoveling for my husband’s more productive shoveling. No one left the house. There were unfulfilled plans to go sledding. School has been cancelled tomorrow. It will be a good day for sleeping in. More Gilmore Girls. Poem memorizing. Dragon drawings. I’ll try and fail to catch up on paperwork, no doubt. Snow, Yeats, Stars Hollow, and naps.


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