alison and kimWhen my sister and I were small.

I don’t think we got a long very much at any point in our childhood, but I was still glad she was around. She was always taking care of animals. She nursed found baby birds who had been left or orphaned. She built little homes out of cardboard boxes for neighborhood strays. She took charge of the care of our hamsters and our dog.

I was the comedian. And the one that didn’t get in trouble. I was the lazier one, the dreamer, the antiestablishment, the good girl with a rebel heart. My sister had boyfriends and paramours. She was disciplined. She had jobs and friends she went to parties with. She knew how to do her hair and make up. She didn’t like school, but she was smart and organized and focused on the things she loved. She knew how to decorate her room. I was a hodge podge. I still don’t know how to do my makeup. I didn’t date. I didn’t keep jobs. I liked school, but didn’t worry about being the best. I wanted to get away and make movies and live in big cities. She wanted to get married. She wanted to have animals. We are very different. And yet we share something alike in our core. Some understanding of the world and each other. And we both crush on English guys. And I know she’ll have my back.

She lives far away. And should anything happen to my husband and I, it is she who will take care of my kid. And my dog.


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