I think February is getting me down. I’m not really against winter but I have to admit there may be a little seasonal affective disorder going on. I just don’t want to do anything. I don’t want to wear anything that isn’t super comfy. I don’t want to deal with dinner. I really don’t want to do all the paperwork I really need to do. Really, really. I want to be in bed, under the covers, napping. Maybe reading. I wouldn’t turn down deliveries of tea and cookies.

No one is bringing me tea and cookies.

I also don’t have a television in the bedroom so Netflix binging in bed is out.

Is that Midwives show any good?

I have watched at least half the British crime dramas listed on my Netflix recommends page. The kid and I are halfway through season four of Gilmore Girls. We haven’t met Logan yet. I wonder what she’ll think of Logan. She hasn’t come out and said it, but I think she’s a Jess girl.

I keep pretending that maybe I’ll lose weight just by wanting to. FYI, this hasn’t worked for the 20 or so years I have tried it.


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