Midwest woman meets sunshine state

I knew this already, but Florida is weird. I could not be a full time Floridian. First, there is too much sun. And people. And people with terrible fashion choices. Really, too much of the wrong kind of action.

I don’t mind warming up a bit and it is nice to see the ocean, of course. But I’m not a theme park person, as was made clear to me today as we attempted a Universal Studios adventure. We are not an amusement park friendly family. We are like vampires at a beach party. Where is the shade? It is too hot. Get out of my way. And why do people insist on carrying around all these minion plushies? I need my Starbucks. And I’m not a beach person. Not for more than a short stroll in foggy, overcast weather. And I don’t want to get on any kind of board. Nor do I care for neon.

Tomorrow we will find seashells and see some wildlife. I do like the birds.


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