Everything is Terrible

I can’t escape the bad news. Also, I don’t really try very hard. Anytime I’m on Facebook I’m bound to hear about the dog meat festival in China or the latest terrible thing that is an effect of climate change or pesticide use. People being terrible to people. People being terrible to animals. People being terrible to the earth. People are terrible. There are too many of us. It’s all going to crap.

So, yeah, I hope the good people and the smart people can figure it out before it is really too late. Maybe it all already too late. Maybe my child is going to grow up to something scary. Like famine and storms and World War 3.

What’s to be done? How do we keep keeping on? Tell me what to do, Jerry Garcia?

In other news, I can’t stop eating mini heath bars. They are the most addictive of addictive candies.

And I start a newish job on Monday. So life is changing. It’s a good job. Full time therapist. Salaried. My own office.

I’m still writing books that may never get published.

The cat is old.

The dog is a character.

The kid is growing up. Almost done with elementary school. How did this happen?

I find more gray hairs every day.

Really looking forward to the new season of Hannibal.


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