travel problems

Of course I want to go to lots and lots of places, many of them truly farther than reasonable driving distance, but here are the places I most want to go:

Japan. A big reason is my Japan-o-phile kiddo, but also, all the things in Japan like islands of cats, a Studio Ghibli museum, a million billion vending machines, mascots, cat cafes, fields of flowers, I could go on and on.

Norway. Because fjords. And rushing brooks near fjords.

Paris. Because Paris.

Montreal. The Paris of Canada.

Hawaii. No need to explain, right?

New York City + Brooklyn. Mostly for the food and drinks and shopping. But seems like a place I should go and truly experience. As an American. As a human earthling.

Crater Lake. It’s evidence of craters.

Lake Tahoe. Because sometimes I think I like to kayak.

I can drive to New York. I can drive to Canada. Driving or taking the train out West would be a pain, but possible. But those other places? A boat trip would be a heck of a thing.

Somehow, I’ve got to figure out how to be cool with flying again and not a crumbly, crying, tiny wine bottle guzzling mess. Seven hours of turbulence sounds like something I would not survive, crash or no crash.

What is the new saying? I’m baby? I’m baby. When it comes to flying, I’m baby. Certainly I’m not using that correctly. And yet, I cannot bring myself to actually look that up.

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