I have a lot to do

I ate some leftover pie and now I’m filled with leftover pie regret. I watched the first episode of Enlightened because what better time to start a series you always meant to watch then when you have a big to do pile?

What is a Verve Pipe? Do the Verve Pipe still tour on their one hit wonder? I’m not going to Google that. Don’t ask me to. Fine. I did it. They are still making music. Good for them. 90s forever!

I do not know how to expertly decorate my house for the holidays. Is this why they invented putting rum in eggnog? Should I have picked up that Martha Stewart Living full of advice on holiday decorating or would that have made it worse? I bought a tinsel garland. What am I supposed to do with it? I am a holiday decorating failure.

It’s really time to work on the novel. It should be done by now. It really, really, really should.

Laura Dern rules.

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