Notes from Fairchild St.

Whatever day this is. Sheltering at home. That thing. That we are all doing. Well, most of us. The ones that can.

I tried again to adopt a cat. This time from Cedar Rapids. But they told me that they aren’t currently adopting outside Linn County because Covid. I have the no cat blues.

I have barely made a dent in my big list of projects now that I’m having to be home more. I have scrolled twitter a lot. A LOT.

Trump is a terrible asshole.

I am walking more but also eating more. Because I’m home with my snacks all the time. Is that boredom eating? I get way too excited about meals. Right now I’m really looking forward to my bagel with garden veggie cream cheese that I plan to have for dinner.

To help my husband feel better I’m encouraging more viewing of Preston Sturgess films.

There are too many choices for everything.

3 thoughts on “Notes from Fairchild St.

  1. J-Bo says:

    Let’s drive up to CR and capture that cat before anyone can stop us.

  2. Lorie says:

    Ooooh, Preston Sturgess movies, good idea!

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