Notes from Fairchild St. 4/10/20

Happy Birthday to my friend Christine, who is sheltering at home in Grimes, IA (near Des Moines)! We met as workers many moons ago at the Union Pantry which served coffee and popcorn. Also, many pastries which I ate a lot of. And sometimes gave away to cute boys, including band members of Toad the Wet Sprocket. Christine was the best supervisor a person could ask for. The Union Pantry no longer exists. Like many other things in my life.

Spring allergies have arrived and I can never decide what’s worse: the allergies or the effects of the allergy meds. No, I can. It’s the allergies. But barely.

Who wants to nap? Me!

I’m listening to Waxahatchee’s new album. I love it. Also, now, the new Hamilton Leithauser. Good stuff! Alison recommends. What, you don’t refer to yourself in the third person sometimes? Well maybe you should, you boring thing.

I’m reading Daniel Kraus’ Bent Heavens which features a scary alien creature and some disturbing alien creature torture. And it’s set in Iowa. Just like me! I’m set in Iowa.

Quarantine life features a lot of potato chips and cookies and candy. And napping. And cleaning up dog pee.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone in the world learned to play the ukulele? And then we could have a worldwide ukulele song event. But not John Lennon’s Imagine.

New throw pillows have improved my life, just as I knew they could.

Someday I’m going to clean the cabinets.

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