Notes from Fairchild St. 4/24/2020

We are so close to May. Some people are telling me that quarantine life moves slowly, but for me it is moving incredibly fast. 5 weeks have gone by like the life of a fly. I am having a hard time with it almost being May. I mean, when am I finally going to build by dream house (which is like a modern cottage with some Prairie style thrown in)? When am I going to go to NYC and eat bagels and pizza?

I was going to learn to make some cocktails.

I was going to get rid of the half the stuff in the basement.

Today I cleaned out the shower drain and that was somewhat satisfying as well as gross.

The moths have not emerged yet from the pupas. They’ve been a long time in those pupas. I wonder if we are doing something wrong. Their names are Phyllis and Gladys. They are ladies.

We got a cat. She is a stinker. She is a little fluffy black thunderbolt. We are calling her Birdie. I thought she’d be a lap cat but so far she is a “I must be near you but not on you” cat. She is also mean to the dog. Poor old dog.

I’m reading books. I’m eating a lot of sandwiches with fake deli meat. Tofurky smoked deli “meat”. I’m making a lot of plans to redo a lot of my little house that is not my dream house.

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