Hey. Some recs.

E. Lockhart is a lovely writer. We all know how amazing We Were Liars is. I recently finished Again Again. Very nice (why does that sound like Borat in my head?).

We did just watch the second Borat movie. I may not have stayed for every scene. Sometimes I had to leave the room. Real life cringe comedy is difficult for me. Many times I could be found hitting my husband’s arm saying “Oh no! Oh my God. Nope. No.” I did laugh, of course. A lot. And Maria Bakalova, who played his daughter, was absolutely incredible.

The album I played the most in 2020 was Waxahatchee’s Saint Cloud. It is a gorgeous album and gives me all those good feels.

Shithouse is a really good movie I feel like I once upon a time could have made. Or something similar. Back when I wanted to make films. It is my aesthetic, is what I’m saying. Go watch Shithouse.

I finally read John Langan’s The Fisherman and really enjoyed it, because I love weird fiction. Although I have a lot I’m confused about and no one to ask. I don’t know John Langan. He probably doesn’t want to go to dinner with me and answer my questions. He probably lives in Maine or something. Maine is far away.

I finished Schitt’s Creek. Patrick and David forever!

Now to get back to Ted Lasso. I do like that Ted Lasso. He’s a good bloke.

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