Soon the bowl of Crunchberries cereal I just ate will fill me with regret

But not right now. I just finished. I’m fine. I might get another. Probably shouldn’t. That would definitely fill me with regret.

There’s a weird tiny electric current happening in my lower lip. I will not google that. It could only lead to dark places.

Obsessed sounds a tad unhealthy, but I’m kinda obsessed with Bo Burnham of late. I’ve watched all the Netflix specials. I think he’s amazing. I also loved him in Promising Young Woman. And Eighth Grade was maybe my favorite film of 2018. I think I kind of want to be Bo Burnham. That doesn’t sound healthy either.


Today I played bags. Some people call it Cornhole. It’s the bean bag toss game. I did better than I expected. Sometimes you surprise yourself with getting those bean bags in that hole. Magic.

What is going on with my lower lip?

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