Me: ABC/teacasey/Alison/Bean

Rap Name: Junior Mint

Location: Iowa City, IA

Some things: Grew up in a small city. Wanted to get far away. Went far away, then came back. I relate to the midwest. Seasons are important. I don’t like people, yet I love them, too. I wrestle with this. I am a humanist and an existentialist. I love to write, but I am scared to call myself a writer. I love to take pictures, but I don’t call myself a photographer. I make my living as a psychotherapist. I am interested in who people are and how they came to be that way. I don’t mind listening. I love to eat fresh baked pastries. I love it too much. I love soy lattes from Starbucks. I take it personally when someone is unkind. I want to travel, but I want to stay in boutique hotels. I have a daughter. She is awesome. She is also impossible. I have a husband. I feel the same way about him.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. cf says:


    We gotta stop meeting like this. LOL.


    ps. you know i always gotta drop every now and then to check on ya. n

  2. teacasey says:

    Charlita! Was thinking about you the other day. Are you on facebook?

  3. lorigreer says:

    Love your humor and writing style.

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