Current Obsessions

Indie Rock women

A certain spicy vegetarian ramen (I get packets and packets)

Laffy Taffy

Fixer Upper on HGTV

wearing nightgowns over pajama pants

sleeping more than I should


Thoughts I Had While Under Nitrous At The Dentist

Is this Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam? I wonder if I’m acting the way I think I’m acting. Are they laughing at me? I like this Phil Collins song. Phil Collins is seriously underrated. Why are there so many holes in these stupid, ugly drop down ceilings? I wish Kelly Clarkson hadn’t shaved the side of her head. That look is so done. I wonder if I’m opening my mouth wide enough. Should I close it more? I don’t want to look like I fish. I bet these sunglasses make me look like I’m in an Ocean Pacific ad. My neck is so tense. I’m totally going to have a headache later.

Midwest woman meets sunshine state

I knew this already, but Florida is weird. I could not be a full time Floridian. First, there is too much sun. And people. And people with terrible fashion choices. Really, too much of the wrong kind of action.

I don’t mind warming up a bit and it is nice to see the ocean, of course. But I’m not a theme park person, as was made clear to me today as we attempted a Universal Studios adventure. We are not an amusement park friendly family. We are like vampires at a beach party. Where is the shade? It is too hot. Get out of my way. And why do people insist on carrying around all these minion plushies? I need my Starbucks. And I’m not a beach person. Not for more than a short stroll in foggy, overcast weather. And I don’t want to get on any kind of board. Nor do I care for neon.

Tomorrow we will find seashells and see some wildlife. I do like the birds.

Soon there will be flowers

There will be flowers blossoming on trees. I can’t remember when that happens. May? Finally, it is March. Spring is almost here. Of course there still could be a blizzard in April. Prince knows what he is talking about. But still, tulips will appear soon.

But today was kinda warmish and I felt a little more alive (after the morning headache went away–I blame Daylight Savings Time). I was inspired to make a playlist of my favorite 80’s songs. Blondie, Big Country, INXS, and Howard Jones made the list. Plus a few (or dozen) more I’m too embarrassed to mention. Fine, there might be some George Michael. And Corey Hart. (and Cutting Crew. shhhh.)


I think February is getting me down. I’m not really against winter but I have to admit there may be a little seasonal affective disorder going on. I just don’t want to do anything. I don’t want to wear anything that isn’t super comfy. I don’t want to deal with dinner. I really don’t want to do all the paperwork I really need to do. Really, really. I want to be in bed, under the covers, napping. Maybe reading. I wouldn’t turn down deliveries of tea and cookies.

No one is bringing me tea and cookies.

I also don’t have a television in the bedroom so Netflix binging in bed is out.

Is that Midwives show any good?

I have watched at least half the British crime dramas listed on my Netflix recommends page. The kid and I are halfway through season four of Gilmore Girls. We haven’t met Logan yet. I wonder what she’ll think of Logan. She hasn’t come out and said it, but I think she’s a Jess girl.

I keep pretending that maybe I’ll lose weight just by wanting to. FYI, this hasn’t worked for the 20 or so years I have tried it.


alison and kimWhen my sister and I were small.

I don’t think we got a long very much at any point in our childhood, but I was still glad she was around. She was always taking care of animals. She nursed found baby birds who had been left or orphaned. She built little homes out of cardboard boxes for neighborhood strays. She took charge of the care of our hamsters and our dog.

I was the comedian. And the one that didn’t get in trouble. I was the lazier one, the dreamer, the antiestablishment, the good girl with a rebel heart. My sister had boyfriends and paramours. She was disciplined. She had jobs and friends she went to parties with. She knew how to do her hair and make up. She didn’t like school, but she was smart and organized and focused on the things she loved. She knew how to decorate her room. I was a hodge podge. I still don’t know how to do my makeup. I didn’t date. I didn’t keep jobs. I liked school, but didn’t worry about being the best. I wanted to get away and make movies and live in big cities. She wanted to get married. She wanted to have animals. We are very different. And yet we share something alike in our core. Some understanding of the world and each other. And we both crush on English guys. And I know she’ll have my back.

She lives far away. And should anything happen to my husband and I, it is she who will take care of my kid. And my dog.

being cultured

I’ve told my daughter we are going to memorize a poem. Seems like a good thing to do. I like the idea of knowing a poem by heart. I’ve chosen William Butler Yeats first sonnet to Helen which apparently is also known as When You are Old. Mostly because I like the line, But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you. Because Pilgrim Soul!

We are also watching all the seasons of Gilmore Girls and laughing a lot about Kirk. This is culture, too.

And she is still obsessed with drawing dragons. Right now she has many pieces under a dancing dragons series. In color! With markers. Orange and green. Orange is always nice.

Today was full of snow. I did some shoveling. It was mostly pre-shoveling for my husband’s more productive shoveling. No one left the house. There were unfulfilled plans to go sledding. School has been cancelled tomorrow. It will be a good day for sleeping in. More Gilmore Girls. Poem memorizing. Dragon drawings. I’ll try and fail to catch up on paperwork, no doubt. Snow, Yeats, Stars Hollow, and naps.

imaginary pets

I like to go online to the sites of various local or local-ish websites (or Petfinder or animal shelters in cities I don’t really live near, like Chicago) and pick out the animals I would likely adopt if I were to be planning to adopt another pet. We have a dog and a cat and probably shouldn’t be getting any new pets any time soon, despite my daughter’s obsession with having a lizard. I mean, I’m not opposed to having more pets, but my dog and cat are already demanding of my attention and my dog is already way jealous of my cat. And my cat is old and she doesn’t need any more upsets in her life. Plus, you know, I’d like to visit Japan someday soon and I’d feel guilty about boarding all the pets AND it would be expensive. The list–it goes on.

But in that parallel universe I have some awesome pets. Cats with faces of character. Dogs with big, wounded hearts. They just want to snuggle and be your forever buddy!

There are a lot of needy, lovable stinkers out there. I hate to think of them with all their yearning while someone instead heads to the breeder for their designer puppy.

Just look.

I mean. 

Let’s Talk about Serial

I listened to every episode of Serial only once. I am not religious about the Reddit posts, but I visit and skim some. I do read Rabia’s blog, though. I have listened to some of the Slate podcasts and some of the A.V. podcasts. And I have read pretty much every article I have come across. And the Jay interviews, of course.

I do not think Adnan should have been convicted. There was no hard evidence. The evidence presented wasn’t trustworthy. The system failed here. I don’t care how thoughtful the jury might have been; they took one person’s word over another and that person wasn’t a trustworthy witness.

I also believe Adnan is innocent.

The story Jay gives makes no sense to me. I can’t see why Adnan would need Jay to help with anything, if Adnan were the killer. He would just be opening a door to being found out.

Jay’s many stories have too many holes and too many random inconstancies.

Adnan’s character holds up. I could go into detail here but there is too much to say. The stealing as a 12-year-old doesn’t trouble me (at that age many of my peers stole). I heard nothing troubling in all accounts given. Many people said he was a nice guy. A thoughtful and helpful and kind guy who often went out of his way to help others and who was genuinely interested in his friends. Sociopaths aren’t helpful (unless it provides some pay off for them). They can be charming and friendly, but only to a point. For a sociopath, all things are about their own needs and wants. Nor was he abusive. Nor was he violent. Nor was he angry.

Of course I might be wrong. And I’ll accept that with humility if proven so.

But the bottom line for me is, there is nothing absolute to say he is guilty and yet he sits in prison and that’s a tragedy.


In my childhood—

There were periods of time I hated clothes, jeans, pizza, and hugs.

My sister had a serious obsession with that movie Somewhere in Time.

It seemed like all my friends had their first kisses done with by junior high. Not me.

At one time or another these things were all the rage: Coco-Cola clothes, Neon, french braids, perms, Stixx, mullets, parachute pants, roller skating on Friday nights, friendship pins on shoelaces, friendship bracelets, cruising the town’s main road, hanging out in the Pizza Hut parking lot, Guess, Esprit, malls, E.T. t-shirts, metal lunch boxes, wearing saddle shoes and poodle skirts (a comeback!), jelly shoes, Woolworths, break dancing, movies about break dancing

I went to a fine arts camp for ballet. I was really not that good at ballet. It was obvious. One of the girl’s in my cabin asked if anyone had “popped my cherry”. Another girl lived most of her life as an American in South Korea and was a prodigy at some band instrument. We all stayed up late talking about boys, AIDS, hating our bodies, liking our bodies, divorcing parents, and other 12 year old girl topics of interest in the 1980s. I still had blonde hair.

My sister cried hysterically at the end of King Kong.

We saw a good number of films at the local drive in. We also had a yellow van with a shag carpet.

I thought our house was haunted. We lived adjacent to a cemetery. The house was really old. There were noises.

I loved to dance and took dance lessons but I never worked very hard at it. Regrets.

I thought for sure I would be a famous actress someday.

Our small town had a record store where I bought the Annie Soundtrack with my allowance along with actual 45s, and stood in line to get a autograph from Weird Al Yankovic when he was in town to perform.

I participated in numerous (and often bad) community theater productions directed by a man I’m certain is a sociopath (or close). While in high school we most certainly put on the worst production of GREASE there ever was (and will be). I was only in the chorus. Sandy and Danny were played by people in their late 20s/early 30s. The rest of the cast was 14-16. The director was known to hit on his young, male leads and berate and humiliate the kids in the casts.